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Trinity Travel

The travelling agency Trinity Travel was born from the friendship of four professionals in tourism’s market that have known each other for over two decades.

Generated from so much affinity, love for travelling and with an immense dream of developing a business that can contribute with quality of life and human development.

Our biggest motivation is focused in providing experiences, because with this practice we can surprise smiles, offer rest and help in the making of businesses.

In this cyclical action, we level each other’s inner force that comes back to us filled with abundance.

Trinity’s pillars are lined in travelling logistics, either corporate or leisure, special groups operations and the representation of products or tourist destinations, offering a laid-back, efficient and customized service, where our values are fundamented in ethics, honesty and respect.

Our goal is to be a company recognized in the market by its quality and commitment to its service.

We work for that the enchantment that travelling provides can transcend your wishes and wake the best in life for you.

Trinity Travel.


Trinity Travel is a specialist in holistic, leisure, corporate, eco-conscious, sportive and punctual groups.

In our site you can discover a whole new world of experiences.